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What is Katie's?

Katie's Slaw is a spicy low-fat condiment, great on any meat based sandwich, as a side dish for fish, chicken, beef and pork, to add kick to your beans or deviled eggs, or even as a dip. We have two varieties Regular and Jalapeno. 

Our Story

Katie's Slaw was born out of a desire for a better hot dog. Lance and Katie were concession stand directors for the local high school and college football concession stand. Katie started making her mother-in-law's slaw and bringing it to put on her hot dog when they were working the football games. She would share with the other workers, who convinced Lance to do a trial run at a game. The school allowed Katie to make the slaw in the cafeteria kitchen. Katie's slaw was a big hit, and after years of hearing "you should market this" they took the steps needed and thanks to the opening of the Shoals Culinary Center, Katie's Slaw was born.  

Our Mission

At Katie's we make a high quality, low calorie condiment, to enhance the flavor of just about anything. 

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Katie's founder along with her late husband Lance Kilburn


Owner and oldest daughter of Katie and Lance


Owner and husband to Teresa. The backbone of the corporation. 


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78 Commerce Way, Killen, Alabama 35645, United States

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